NPS 11 - Radiological Dispersion Functional Exercise

NPS 11 - Radiological Dispersion Functional Exercise

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In July 2004-The Homeland Security Council (HSC) – in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the federal interagency, and state and local homeland security agencies – developed and published fifteen all-hazards planning scenarios for use in national, federal, state, and local homeland security preparedness activities. 

These scenarios are designed to be the foundational structure for the development of national preparedness standards from which homeland security capabilities can be measured. While these scenarios reflect a rigorous analytical effort by federal, state, and local homeland security experts, it is recognized that refinement and revision over time may be necessary to ensure the scenarios remain accurate, represent the evolving all-hazards threat picture, and embody the capabilities necessary to respond to domestic incidents.

In 2011, after the approval of The Blue Cell, LLC's Advanced Planning Concepts: Developing Incident Action Plans course for acceptance in the DHS State and Local Catalog a number of the 15 National Planning Scenarios were created in support of the day two functional exercise in the course.

In this scenario, the Universal Adversary (UA) purchases stolen CsCl to make an RDD or “dirty bomb.” The explosive and the shielded 137 Cs sources are smuggled into the country. Detonator cord is stolen from a mining operation, and all other materials are obtained legally in the United States. Devices are detonated in three separate, but regionally close, moderate-to-large cities. The cities are physically similar with geographic topography that is flat. The results in each city are essentially the same. The contaminated region covers multiple blocks in each city and includes the business district , residential , shopping areas, and a school. Buildings in the affected areas are principally made of concrete and brick; some are stone faced.

You get two versions of the Scenario. Find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Full Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP): A consistent, editable full set of templates to include pre-developed Objectives, Capabilities, Evaluation Guides for full tabletop exercise
  • Full HSEEP version of the scenario template set based in our Chelsea County USA online simulation environment
  • And Instructions for conducting a virtual functional delivery

All of the HSEEP required paperwork for a drill exercise is pre-assembled and able to be edited.

* Exercise Plan                                        * Extent of Play Agreement     

* Additional Support Documents          * Participant Feedback Forms

* Controller / Evaluator Handbook         * Master Scenario Event List

* Exercise Evaluation Guides and After Action- Improvement Plan Template        

The scenario has hundreds of electronic files to support your drill including custom forms and all plans, informational sheets, and maps for Chelsea County USA version of the scenario. Sound overwhelming? We provide 30 minutes of on-the-phone consultation ( after purchase) to help you get started with a member of the TTX Vault Design Team.

This concept and product was designed to keep in mind how valuable time is to organizational leaders, emergency managers, and public safety professionals. TTX Vault scenarios give you a jump start on the tedious process of exercise assembly and quickly get the discussion underway to keep your people, customers, constituents, and students safe. Additional files provided include ICS forms and custom-built ICS document products from The Blue Cell, LLC.