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First Response Training & Scenario Exercises

Over 100 Individual and Packaged Scenarios and Counting. TTX Vault  is the location to acquire Tabletop Exercise Materials, Pre Assembled for numerous disciplines, true emergency scenarios and core capabilities.

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What Is Your Time Worth ?

Prepare for Complexity.

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Tabletop Drills Functional Scenarios

What Users are saying

I have bought multiple disks and scenarios and have been able to share them with my Health Dept., PD and Fire Dept. partners. A pure time saver.

Deanna, H., Emergency Manager

It was easy using the templates and access to information helped us move from planning all the way through an active shooter exercise.

Mindi, B., Hospital Coordinator

The TTX Vault Package saved me valuable time and effort.The price of the product is reasonable and worth every penny.

Marilyn , C., Emergency Manager

Exercise Design That Gives You a Head Start

Click Here to see a Chelsea County USA site walkthru. All of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program suggested paperwork for the specific type of exercise is preassembled and prefilled out. This includes Explans,  Situation Manuals, Briefing in Powerpoint, Handbooks ( where appropriate), Participant Feedback Forms, Exercise Evaluation Guides and an After Action Improvement Plan Template. Click Here to watch a video on what you get in a base scenario. This concept and products were designed keeping in mind how valuable emergency manager's and public safety professional's time is. Developed from The Blue Cell, LLC and Command School TTX archives,  TTX Vault provides a jump start on the tedious process of tabletop exercise assembly.


The Blue Cell, LLC is a by design planning company with a primary focus on education and training for government at all levels, non governmental agencies and private sector entities engaged in incident and emergency management activities. Secondary initiatives at The Blue Cell include exercise design and facilitation and planning services. The Blue Cell personnel are also available to support planning related operations on real world events. The Blue Cell, LLC has over 3500 private sector, non governmental and governmental clients from its varied interests across North America. As one of the most active companies of its type in the United States, we strive to bring innovative and contemporary ideas and products to the emergency and incident management community.


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