CIKR-Water_Wastewater Plant Failure

CIKR-Water_Wastewater Plant Failure

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We probably take clean drinking water from the faucet and the ability to flush our toilets for granted. Its only when we can not do that for a significant period of time that we really notice. Our Critical Infrastructure / Key Resource scenarios are designed to assist in the evaluation of plans and to get multiple agencies to work together. This scenario comes with an additional template set in our Chelsea County USA online simulation environment . All of the HSEEP required paperwork for a tabletop exercise is pre-assembled and able to be edited.

               * Situation Manual                         

                * Briefing slides in Powerpoint        

                * Exercise Summary

               * Participant Feedback Forms       

                * Exercise Evaluation Guides and After Action- Improvement Plan Template.

The scenario disk has over 400 files electronic files to support your tabletop including custom forms and the all plans, informational sheets and maps for Chelsea County USA.  

This concept and product was designed keeping in mind how valuable emergency managers and public safety professionals time is. TTX Vault scenarios give you a jump start on the tedious process of exercise assembly. Additional files provided include ICS forms and custom built ICS document products.