CIKR - Pipeline Disruption Tabletop Exercise

CIKR - Pipeline Disruption Tabletop Exercise

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Exercise Description

A pipeline transports resources, such as liquids or gases, over vast distances. Typically, it’s moved from a remote site to a populated location where the resource is needed. While pipelines can provide convenience, occasionally that convenience is disrupted, creating an emergency situation. Our Critical Infrastructure/Key Resource scenario is designed to assist in the evaluation of plans and to get multiple agencies to work together.


What You Get

  • Four sets of tools for this scenario. Find the one that best suits your needs:
  • Simple Discussion Sheets
  • Instructions for Conducting a Virtual Delivery
  • Full Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP): A consistent, editable full set of templates to include pre-developed objectives, capabilities and evaluation guides for a full tabletop exercise
  • Full HSEEP version of the scenario template set based in our Chelsea County USA online simulation environment


All of the required HSEEP paperwork for a tabletop exercise is pre-assembled and able to be edited to fit your organization’s needs.

  • Situation Manual
  • PowerPoint Briefing Slides
  • Exercise Summary
  • Exercise Evaluation Guides and After-Action Improvement Plan Templates
  • Participant Feedback Forms


Our scenarios also come with hundreds of electronic files to support your tabletop exercise:

  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Plans
  • Informational Sheets
  • Maps for Chelsea County USA (our own simulation environment)
  • ICS Forms
  • Custom-Built ICS Document Products From The Blue Cell, LLC.

Does all of this sound overwhelming? Not to worry! After purchasing, you will also receive a 30 minute over-the-phone consultation with a TTX Vault member to help you get started and make the most of your tabletop exercise!


This concept and product are designed to keep in mind how valuable time is to organization leaders, emergency managers, and public safety professionals. TTX Vault scenarios give you and your organization a jump start on the tedious process of exercise assembly. We help you get the discussion underway so you can quickly keep your people, customers, constituents, or students safe.


Who Can Benefit From This Pipeline Disruption Tabletop Exercise?

  • Local First Responders
  • Local Emergency Services
  • Local Government
  • Reservations
  • Tribal Leaders
  • Private Sector Providers